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Scandi & Me - Feel good materials, locally sourced and picked out for all ages, shapes and sizes. Our customers are very important to us, so please fee free to contact us at any time via the email address in the About us section. 
Due to the situation in the world today, our misson to import clothing and interiors from Scandinaiva had to be put on hold. We are currently supporting local wholesellers, artists and Young Entrepreneurs.  

Welcome to Scandi & Me!

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  • Our Labels

    We stock carefully selected brands such as Willow Tree, Silver Wishes and Missy Q.

    We stock super versatile items in both plain and colourful versions. We love that you can buy two items and dress them up or down. We are hoping to save the environment by chosing garments that can be casual and formal at the same time with the right accessories.

    Thanks for supporting our local small business.

  • Buy Women's Clothes Online Australia

    Layered Collection

    Elegant, flowing and breathable collection just in time for this summer. Layered singlet dresses, sheer cardigans, beach pants that can all be mixed and matched. Perfect garments to bring on holiday. Very lightweight and versatile.

  • Linen Dresses - Must haves

    Crispy white and beige linen dresses. Singlet sleeve style and mid long. Can be worn with absolutely everything.

    Perfect transeasonal garement, can be worn to the office, to a party or to the beach.

  • Interiors and Homewares

    Sleek, beautiful and handmade photo frames and multi-use gift boxes in ethically sourced materials.

    Perfect gifts for moving in, birthdays, Christenings and weddings.

    Each item is handmade and the patterns and material may vary slightly.

  • Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

    Scandi & Me are huge fans of Young Entrepreneurs. We support local and dedicated entrepreneurs by showcasing their work at our events and on our website.

  • Local Art

    Lucky Brisbane to have lots of talented artists. We are looking to build relationships with local artists by helping to promote their work on our website. We also attend events in and around Brisbane. The events are promoted on Instagram @scandi_and_me @thross_art @glenys_thorssell

    Please follow us. If you have any questions, plese do not heistate to contact us on scandiandme@gmail.com

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